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Now-a-days technology is increasing rapidly based on the human requirements for electronic devices like mobiles, t.v’s, computers, desktop, etc… because of these needs the old electronic devices are thrown and new devices are born every minute.


E-waste is recreated when we feel a certain thing of no use we throw it has a waste. The natural wastes can be dumped in the soil and they get decomposed after some years and they do not pollute the soil or the environment. Here we (ThoughtNIdea) are working on implementing Recycling Technology Innovation for reducing electronic wastage’s in present business world.

ThoughtNIdea believes in “Our Trash Is Someone's Treasure” under Recycle – Rebuild – Reuse initiative we are innovating products using product which are thrown in trash.

So if you think you can also contribute in this initiative, think about what can be done in each of the areas to help in developing an efficient, effective infrastructure under Reuse initiative.

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