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We are one-stop solution for web and mobile development. At Thought and Idea, we have handled complexities, demands, specifications and challenges with great care, passion and confidence. Our core team of professionals is equipped with dynamic skills and proficiency to provide the best to our clients.

We at ThoughtNIdea are developing an AI System which will work all the hardware currently available in the market. This AI system will compatible with Mobile / Desktop / Tablet .

We have been creating quality web applications, consistently gaining new insights into what makes a perfect web application. Which makes installation fast, safe and one-click simple. By integrating the services into web improve visitors' experience, enhance business, and solve real problems.

We focus on iOS & Android Native-Only mobile client development and consulting to ensure maximum performance and the best user experience. Our team thrives in every area of mobile app development and our mobile backend-as-a-service offers you the capabilities you need to get to market fast, with the freedom and flexibility you expect.

We offer technology solutions that are custom tailored for your business. By staying in tune with trends and new platforms, we bring expertise and innovation to every project. Our consultants expertise with practical experience from the frontlines to provide our clients with consulting services that drive real impact and results.